Hero strangers leave note on car after saving couple from parking warden

A young couple have told they complete strangers saved them from a fine after seeing a parking warden and paying for their ticket.

Students Matthew and Katie were moved by the kind actions of the unknown person who helped them avoid getting a ticket by digging into their own pockets.

They said how they were in Yorkshire to see family in Thornton-le-Dale at the weekend and drove to Pickering on Sunday for a day out.

But Matt told how he forgot to pay for a parking ticket.

The second-year student at Southampton University said after realising he hadn’t bought a ticket he was expecting a steep fine when he got back to his car.

Instead, to his amazement he found a note from a stranger on his windscreen who had stepped in to help him.

It read: “Parking warden came so we bought you a ticket, saved you a fine.”

Attached to it was a £2 parking ticket that was valid for an hour.

His mum told YorkshireLive: “Matt has only had the car back two weeks after someone crashed into the back of them in August and nearly wrote it off.

“He kind of didn’t need a parking fine so we’re very grateful to the very kind person who did this.”

And Matt and University of York student Katie said it is not the first time they have been impressed with Yorkshire people with their generosity.

The pair from South Lincolnshire said they find people “are always so friendly, helpful and kind”.

Other drivers have not been so lucky and a dad-of-five has warned other drivers after being fined £273 – because he was 20p short when buying a parking ticket.

Lee Taylor, 38, drove his family to a soft play centre in Redby, North Yorkshire, and parked his Citroen in a private cark park run by Euro Car Parks.

He then slipped £3.30 into the machine – which he thought would cover a four-hour time slot.

Despite returning within the time limit, a £100 fine dropped through the letter box a few weeks later.

Lee realised he had paid the price for weekday parking instead of the slightly higher Saturday price of £3.50.

He said he contacted Euro Car Parks but the firm – who request appeals be made in writing – then sent another letter and racked the fine up to £273.